For the busy babe in Summer who can’t afford to invest hours into her tan. Or for the babe in Winter searching for that island glow. This is for you.

Read on for Maui’s round-up of the top five tanning commandments.

#1: Moisturise

This is not a myth. Dry skin can make it harder to develop a tan and make a natural sun-tan fade faster.


#2: Ditch the hot showers

Hot water can remove valuable moisture from the skin, leading to a faster skin cell turnover rate (peeling).  Keep it cool this Summer to prolong your natural sun tan.

#3: Get more beta-carotene

Eating foods which are rich in beta-carotene can warm your natural skin tone.  If carrots aren’t your thing, you could just use our Golden Glow Tanning Oil, which contains beta-carotene to fight against oxidative stress on the skin.

#4: Hydrate

At least two litres a day, every-day.  Staying hydrated from the inside out will help increase skin cell life and delay the body’s exfoliation process of your natural, Summer glow.

#5: Exfoliate & Extend

Exfoliation is vital before extending your tan as older skin cells shed first, which may results in an uneven tan which fades poorly.  Once exfoliated, a low-maintenance gradual tan is a must to enhance and extend your natural glow.

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