Tell your boss you won’t be coming into work, grab your passport and pack your Maui – because we’re about to take you to the very best places that Hawaii has to offer.

#1: The Pink Hotel

Every beach babe will have seen the Pink Hotel as the background of an Insta pic or two. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel has been standing on the beach front location of Waikiki for over 90 years and is an icon of the area. Even if you’re not staying at the Royal, a picture under one of the many hot pink umbrellas on the beach is a must.

#2: Rent a Jeep

Rent a Jeep for the day and get lost along Hawaii’s serene coastline.  We recommend the road to Hana in Maui which hugs the east-coast of the island with incredible ocean views. Chances are you might find a secret, secluded beach for a quick dip with your travel buddy.

#3: Sunset

Head down to beach for sunset with some snacks and beer for the view of a lifetime. The pink and burnt orange skies amongst the palm and ocean are almost too beautiful to describe. Hawaii is home to the type of sunsets that can’t be fully captured by your Snapchat story.

#4: Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a volcanic mountain, famous for its hiking paths and incredible views from the top. The walk up to the top of the landmark is approximately 30 minutes and once you’ve reached the top you will be rewarded with panoramic views of Waikiki and the south shore of Oahu.  A cocktail (or ten) is well deserved after making the trek.

#5: Maui. Maui. Maui. 

Is there an echo in our office? We may be a little biased but where else in the world can you snorkel inside of a volcanic cone or swim with sea turtles.  You could say we owe a lot to this island, but don’t just take our word for it, it’s one you need to see for yourself.

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