Just because you missed out on first-class tickets doesn’t mean your skin should dip out on first-class treatment.

#1: Ditch the make-up when you fly

Unless you’ve just seen Ryan Gossling going through customs and you think there’s a chance you’ll be seated next to him, you should be el natural on your flight.   The change in air pressure can inhibit gland secretion leading to dehydrated skin

#2: Pack travel-size only

No-one likes having to throw out their newly purchased beauty products while going through customs.  Make it a Maui Now tanning oil, and you may as well cancel your vacay.  To take your tanning oils and other beauty products through customs, make sure they are under 100ml, like our Golden Glow and Deep Bronze Tanning oils.

#3: Hydrate

I know what you’re thinking: no more toilet trips than necessary.  But, flying dehydrates you – a lot.  You should be drinking at least 300ml of water for every hour you’re in the air, and more if you’re planning on a wine or two from the drinks cart.

#4: Protect

Be sun-smart babe, you can still get a great holiday glow using SPF, minus the redness in your IG photos.

#5: Maintain

It’s no myth, hydrated skin tans better. Keep that glow golden with our Gradual Tanning Milk. Containing coconut water, shea butter and aloe vera to nourish and hydrate sun-kissed skin whilst boosting your glow.

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